The Lilias Trotter Advisory Board consists of six women whose lives have been impacted by the legacy of Lilias Trotter and are committed to broadening the exposure to her life and works through a variety of venues.

The formation of this Board was given its initial thrust with Brian and Sally Oxley’s acquisition of the Trotter/Egerton Family Collection of journals, sketchbooks, photographs and other items of archival interest. Originally tasked with securing a home for the archives and the selection of a film director for a documentary on her life (Many Beautiful Things), we were strengthened in our desire to build on the past efforts of countless individuals to not only preserve her legacy but to present it to a new generation.

• Darlene Kirk Hansen – Missionary, served in Asia, Artist of Faith, Patron of the Arts
• Carol Holquist – Publisher of Discovery House; Vice President of Global Publishing (retired 2015)
• Marjorie Lamp Mead – Associate Director of the Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois
• Sally Oxley – Rare book collector; co-producer of Many Beautiful Things
• Bonnie Camp Palmquist – Served in the Arab World
• Miriam Huffman Rockness – Biographer of Lilias Trotter (A Passion for the Impossible: The Life of Lilias Trotter)


Collect, protect, preserve
the written and pictorial work of Lilias Trotter;
and to present to the widest possible public
the person of Lilias Trotter:
her life, her works, her enduring legacy
ultimately to convey the light and life and love of Jesus.

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