Arab Hospitality

    by Bonnie Camp Palmquist* We had just sat down for supper with our 3 daughters in the Middle Eastern city where we were living when the doorbell rang. Going to the door, we saw an Arab family with 3 little … [Read more...]

The Lesson of the Palm Trees

Summer, 1928, Lilias began teaching Sunday afternoon Bible lessons in her room, studying life “over the Jordan” (Millennial Reign), as pre-figured in the carvings of Solomon's temple – an especially poignant experience as her own … [Read more...]

Resurrection Day!

“Yes, life is the uppermost – resurrection life, radiant and joyful and strong – for we represent down here Him who liveth and was dead and is alive forevermore. . . Oh let us not dim it by a shadow of morbidness or of gloom. He … [Read more...]

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