Parables of the Christ-life

Available now for Purchase! facsimile edition of Parables of the Christ-life by I. Lilias Trotter "These are the things which, small as they are in this world's count, have the very pulse of eternity beating through … [Read more...]

A Way of Seeing

If you enjoyed our daily Lenten postings, they were taken directly from the book, A Way of Seeing: The Inward and Outward Vision of Lilias Trotter. This book is available for purchase from Amazon (click image above). Thank you … [Read more...]

Resurrection Day

“Yes, life is the uppermost – resurrection life, radiant and joyful and strong – for we represent down here Him who liveth and was dead and is alive forevermore. . . Oh let us not dim it by a shadow of morbidness or of gloom. He … [Read more...]

Lent Day 40

"The beauty of that old line of Hebrew poetry came afresh today. The thickest of the cloud storm would be just where He is passing. We see the dust now, we shall see His Footprints when He has passed along the way." ~ Lilias … [Read more...]

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