Many have asked about the availability of A Blossom in the Desert: Reflections of Faith in the Art and Writings of Lilias Trotter, which has been out-of-stock for the past year.  We are pleased to announce that it will be available soon, with a release date of May 2. By preordering now via Amazon, you can ensure being among the first to receive the book.  Click on the link below to preorder and reserve your copy:   

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If you were to only own one “Lilias Trotter” book, this might just be the one.  In addition to being a wonderful compilation of some of Lilias’ most memorable insights paired with her inspiring watercolors, A Blossom in the Desert also includes an informative brief biography of Lilias.  This book is an excellent introduction to Lilias Trotter for those who have not yet met her, as well as a treasured keepsake to be savored by those who already know and love Lilias. Read what others have to say about A Blossom in the Desert:





In this gift book, Rockness, author of the Trotter biography A Passion for the Impossible, brings together Trotter’s dual lives—promising artist in her 20s, devoted missionary in her 30s and beyond—by pairing Trotter’s paintings and sketches with devotional thoughts from her journals and many books, including Parables of the Cross. Trotter was clearly a deep thinker with a poetic soul, and her paintings practically shimmer on the page . . . this lovely book is a feast for the eyes and the spirit.  

— Publishers Weekly


We who admire Lilias Trotter have waited a long time actually to see her artwork. Until now, it was hidden away in the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford University and in the archives of the Arab World Ministries. We owe a huge debt to Rockness for laboring to bring these exquisite works to the public . . . This book is a treasure.   

— Noel Piper (author)


Amazon Readers


“This was a lovely and moving way to present the story of Lilias Trotter. The author presents a biography and an explanation of connecting events that facilitated the writing of the book . . .however, the real delight comes when one is exposed to the remaining pages of beautiful art and words of Lilias Trotter. It is an inspirational gateway for a wonderful experience.”


“This lovely book is one that you will treasure! The pages include Lilias Trotter’s beautiful watercolor paintings and her deeply edifying writings accompany each picture. Her spiritual insight was truly a gift from God . . . This book is one that is priceless, one that you will read over and over if you want to grow closer to God through Jesus Christ.”


“Beautiful book to keep for yourself or give as a gift!”


“I have loved reading a page or two of this book as a devotional each morning. The selected scripture, personal musings and paintings reflect this woman’s deep Christian faith and love for all of God’s creation. It is an inspired book that produces, in the reader, a sense of reverent calm.”


“I love giving this book as a gift of encouragement. What God has revealed to her uniquely comes out in both her written thoughts and her gifted artistic talent.”


“Beautiful book, stunning artwork and wonderful prose with inspiration.”


“This book is a feast for the eyes and balm for the soul.”






Here’s a peek inside:


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