Books By I. Lilias Trotter

Between the Desert and the Sea
Parables of the Cross (re-issued in facsimile edition)
Parables of the Christ-life (several republications)
The Master of the Impossible
The Way of the Seven-fold Secret


Booklets By I. Lilias Trotter**

Back-ground and Fore-ground
A Challenge to Faith
Cherry Blossom
Focussed:  A Story and a Song
The Glory of the Impossible
Heavenly Light on the Daily Path
A Life on Fire
Literature for Moslem Boys
A Ripened Life
Sand Lilies
A South Land
A Thirsty Land and God’s Channels
Trained to Rule
Winter Buds

Story Parables By I. Lilias Trotter**

The Bag of Wool
The Bedouin and His Camel
The Blood Feud of El Hanouchi
The Debt of Ali Ben Omar
The field of Sahab en Niya
Landsnakes and Seasnakes
The Letter That Came from a Far Country
The Lost Ones in the Sahara
Neseefa the Slave Girl
The Robe of Er-Rashid
The Story of the Nightingale
Water Lilies:  A Paper for Mothers

Out-of-Print Manuscripts

The Way of the Sevenfold Secret
The Bird Book

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Unpublished Manuscripts

The Letter “M”
Heavenly Light on Daily Life

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Books about I. Lilias Trotter

Elisabeth Elliot.  A Path Through Suffering.  Meditations based on Trotter’s Parables of the Cross and Parables of the Christ-life.  Ann Arbor:  Vine Books, 1992.
Constance E. Padwick.  I. Lilias Trotter. Croydon:  Watson, n.d.
Blanche A. F. Pigott.  I. Lilias Trotter.  London:  Marshall, 1929.
Miriam Rockness.  A Passion for the Impossible:  The Life of Lilias Trotter. Discovery House Publishers, 1999. (in-print)
Miriam Rockness.  A Blossom in the Desert:  Reflections of Faith in the Art and Writings of Lilias Trotter.  Discovery House Publishers, 2007. (in-print)
I . R. Govan Stewart.  The Love That Was Stronger.  London:  Lutterworth Press, 1958.
Patricia St. John.  Until The Day Breaks.  Bronley, Kent:  OM Publishing 1990.
*All works, unless otherwise noted, are out of print.
**Copies of these works are housed at the Trotter Archives at the Arab World Ministries United Kingdom Headquarters in Loughborough, England.
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