Bring Many Beautiful Things to your Community!

Thank you for your interest in hosting a screening of Many Beautiful Things. Because of our desire to introduce Lilias to others and share her life and legacy with as many people as possible, we are no longer charging a “screening fee” for large group viewings. We would, however, love to hear from you and learn about your screening. We would also like to share ideas and resources with you as you plan a viewing of the film for your group or event.

Please fill out the following form with information about your venue. By doing so, we can keep a record of who is sharing Many Beautiful Things and in what venue. This is
of great value to us as we continue to grow our reach and strategize how to best share Lilias with others. Someone from Lilias Trotter Legacy will contact you to share some of our resources and to see if you have any questions about your screening.

If your screening is open to the public, we would love to announce it through our venues (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email), with your permission. If it is a private showing, we would also love to share what you are doing (with your permission) through those same venues in hopes of inspiring or encouraging others to use this film in their own circles of influence.


70 minutes.


Many Beautiful Things lends itself well to large group events. We have been amazed at the creative ways in which the film has been presented: an Art Show with local artists “Inspired by the Art of Lilias Trotter;” church banquets with a North African or British theme; university screenings followed by round table discussions about the role of “Faith & Art” and/or “Vocation;” Mission Festivals with the theme of “Surrender, Sacrifice and Service.” It has been shown in a variety of settings such as universities, churches, retirement communities, home gatherings, and even prisons. It can also be shown in local theaters — a great setting for community outreach. Here is a list of venue ideas for hosting a screening of Many Beautiful Things:

  • Large Group Church event (mid-week gathering, “movie night,” etc.)
  • Missions Conference
  • Women’s Retreat
  • Women’s Ministries “Movie Night”
  • College Ministry and or College Group (church setting)
  • College Campus event (campus ministries)
  • Small groups (church and/or community)
  • Arts Festival offering
  • Homeschool Curriculum (Heroes of the Faith)
  • Senior Living Facility


Several discussion guides have been created – and are offered here – to use in various venues. Please feel free to print and use!

General Discussion Guide

Church Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide for Seniors


Click cover to download.
Please feel free to print this movie poster to advertise your event. There are several size options, as well as options to fill in the details for your event (date, time, and location).

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