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The Letter “M”

el couffa (basket)

Nowhere is Lilias’s counsel concerning ministry spelled out more clearly, with characteristic wit and humor, than in this open letter to missionaries, carried for eight consecutive issues. – until the death of editor, Blanche Haworth. While they reflect a particular time and place – and, throughout, a quaintness of illustration and turn of phrase – there is a universal quality to her advice that would profit any Christian worker – then and now. And, in truth, anyone anytime who truly desires to convey to others the light and life and love of Jesus.

All eight editorials have been culled from these issues and now – at last – printed in full, with a link to them added to our website (in Select Bibliography, under the Resources tab; scroll down the Select Bibliography page to Unpublished Manuscripts).  For a direct link to these letters, click the button below:

The Letter “M”


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A Blossom in the Desert

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