A New Look


“. . . Look at the tiny measure of creative power given to man, in music, poetry, art – where there is a spark of it how it refuses to be fettered by repeating itself.  The history of His wonders in the past is a constant succession of new things, and He is not at the end of His resources yet.” 
~ Lilias Trotter
(“The Glory of the Impossible”)


Welcome to our newly updated site!  We have recently merged our two separate websites:  manybeautifulthings.com and liliastrotter.com.  The former was created for the launch of the film Many Beautiful Things, in 2015.  In 2017, we created the current Lilias Trotter Legacy website. Realizing it makes sense to house them together, we’ve taken steps to make that happen.  Both URLs will now take you to this website.

So . . . what’s new? We’ve added four new pages to this website: “The Film” (under “Many Beautiful Things”), “Host a Screening” (also under “Many Beautiful Things”), “Tools for Learning” (under “Resources”), and “Shop.” We also decided to give the site a fresh new look:  we’ve changed the color scheme (sage-green borders and accents – “Trotter green” – rather than purple), added a new footer on each page, and altered some of the fonts throughout the site.

It’s energizing to make things new and, in the spirit of Lilias, to use the “creative power” given to us.  We hope you take time to explore not only our new pages, but all that is offered on this Lilias Trotter Legacy website.  And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, check us out on social media, or send us an email message with any questions or ideas you might have (all of these options can be found at the bottom of each page).  We love to hear from people who are interested in Lilias Trotter!






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