Renovare Podcast Episode 247: Miriam Rockness and Mimi Dixon – Discovering Lilias Trotter.
(February 16, 2023)
In this episode, Nathan Foster talks with Miriam Rockness and Mimi Dixon about the life and faith of Lilias Trotter. (Renovare Podcast – “A place for honest conversations about interactive life with God. Nathan Foster draws wisdom from guests – including authors, pastors, and artists – who are all seeking to be more like Jesus.”)

The Greater Heritage Podcast Season 4, Episode 10: Miriam Huffman Rockness (Lilias Trotter Legacy) – TGH Speaker Series.
(February 27,2022)
In this episode, J.R. Weller talks with Miriam Rockness about Lilias, writing biographies, and how God works in our lives. (The Greather Heritage is a Bible teaching and Christian publishing ministry that equips Christians for an abundant life of service, personal spiritual growth and character development through the study of God’s Word.)

An Inspiration of Song – the Story Behind the Song Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus
by Oxvision Films (September 24, 2020)
A fascinating insight into the saving of the Trotter Archives by Eva Longley – who went to Algeria in the 1950s with the Algiers Mission Band, founded by Lilias Trotter – is included in the Oxley’s account of their journey into the world of Lilias Trotter. This video also focuses on the inspiration for the beloved hymn, “Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus.” (Oxvision Films is a team of writers, filmmakers, illustrators and musicians dedicated to producing and rediscovering creative, original works that inspire and challenge.

Presentation by Miriam Rockness of the Life and Legacy of Lilias Trotter
at Pioneers-USA Headquarters in Orlando, Florida (January 18, 2018)
Trotter biographer, Miriam Rockness, shares the Lilias story at the Pioneers Headquarters in Orlando along with lessons we can learn from her life and legacy.

Interview with Bonnie Camp Palmquist, (LTL Board Member)
The Academy of Lifelong Learning at Shell Point Retirement Community. (May 15, 2017)
In this informative interview, Teri Kollath (Manager of Academy of Lifelong Learning at Shell Point Retirement Community in Mt. Myer, FL) and LTL Board Member Bonnie Palmquist (chaplain at Shell Point and life-long friend of Miriam Rockness) discuss the movie, Lilias, and her impact on people of all ages.

Interview with Austin Blasingame, Art Director of Many Beautiful Things. (2016)
One of the more intriguing aspects of this film is the animation of the art of Lilias Trotter. The artist/animator, Austin Blasingame, has created a beautiful “behind the scenes” video of the technical aspects of this art form along with his own personal journey of faith. He shares: “Being inspired by an artist and a woman of faith was life-changing . . . This project holds a deep place in my heart.”
“Gateway to Joy” Radio Broadcast. Practical Holiness: Lilias Trotter.
By Elisabeth Elliot.
Elisabeth Elliot was one of the first fans and promoters of Lilias Trotter to a new generation of readers. In this audio clip from 1990, Elisabeth Elliot not only shares insights about Lilias but also reveals a personal family experience with her.
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