A Moment with Lilias 


For the past several years we have journeyed through Advent with our readers in a variety of ways via our social media sites and on our website blog: daily postings, weekly postings, short quotes, long passages, and links to our Light of Life: Advent Meditations.  Each year has been slightly different, yet all drawing from the same source.  This year, we will post daily on our social media sites:  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter(X).  These daily posts will be “A Moment with Lilias” quotes and the corresponding question from each daily reading of our recently published Light of Life Advent devotional.  This “moment” quote is drawn from the longer Lilias Trotter quote of that day (see above image for context).  These short daily posts can be enjoyed “as is,” but if you’d like the full context of the quote as well as the daily devotional, consider purchasing a copy (see below), or view our online PDF version of this book (see below).

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