“There is always a wonderful joy in seeing faith pass into sight.”  2 May 1923

It is our privilege to call your attention to some wonderful events and happenings on the Trotter front this past year.  High on the list of “faith pass into sight” has been new publications and republications of important works by and about Lilias Trotter.  Last spring, A Passion for the Impossible: The Life of Lilias Trotter, was republished in a Lilias Trotter Legacy edition.  This coming February, the companion book, A Blossom in the Desert:  Reflections of Faith in the Art and Writings of Lilias Trotter likewise will be re-issued by LTL.    

An exciting new publication is right around the corner:  BEHOLDINGS:  A Book for Journaling & Sketching Inspired by the Art & Writings of Lilias Trotter.  Each page is adorned with Trotter art and inspirational snippets, with ample space – lined sheets and blank – for your own writing plus art and/or memorabilia.  More information will be following along with the opportunity to pre-order through, Amazon but here is a glimpse into a two-page spread of the journal:

The Advent Season begins today, Sunday, November 28.  Once again, we offer you our Advent resource, Light of Life: Advent Meditations, revised and augmented from last year’s on-line offering.  Daily meditations provide an antidote to the busyness of the days leading up to Christmas, by refocusing our minds and hearts on the richness of this sacred season.  Weekly themes – Prophets, Bethlehem, Shepherds, Angels – are developed by daily devotionals each of which includes a Lilias painting and quote, theme-related Scripture with reflection/discussion questions, a meditation on the subject, and a worship response – “heart-song” – a familiar Advent/Christmas song or carol.  Consider down-loading this devotional or access it as an on-line resource:

Light of Life Advent Devotional

Finally – for now! – we have a thrilling announcement!   Through circumstances which could only have been by God’s appointment, twenty-one original Lilias Trotter watercolors have been “discovered” in an auction in the UK.  The gentleman who “chanced” upon them in a “lot,” which was part of the larger auction, recognized them as Lilias Trotter art having just seen the film Many Beautiful Things!  At the writing of this newsletter, the entire collection is winging its way across the ocean to its destination with the Lilias Trotter Legacy archives.  They will eventually be available for viewing at Special Collections, Buswell Library, Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.  Meanwhile, anticipate the full story and an on-line glimpse of these painting – soon! 

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