“Holiness, not safety, is the end of our calling.”
~ Lilias Trotter (Parables of the Cross)

Who wants to be holy?  Perhaps a better question would be:  What would a truly holy person look like?  One might suspect that what we would note about a person “further down the road to holiness” would be their interest in and concern for us.  They would exhibit those desirable qualities identified as the “fruit of the Spirit:”  love. . .  joy . . . peace. . .  patience. . .  kindness. . .  goodness. . .  faithfulness. . .  gentleness. . .  self-control. . . .  Who wouldn’t want to live or work or engage with someone like that?  Who wouldn’t want to be a person like that?  “How little people know who think that holiness is dull,” wrote C. S. Lewis.  “When one meets the real thing. . .  it is irresistible.”


For further reflection on this Lilias quote, visit biographer Miriam Rockness’ blog post:  Who Want to be Holy?!

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