Angels Minister


“Are not all angels ministering spirits?”
Psalm 91:11

There lies before us a beautiful possible life – one that shall have a passion for giving that shall be poured forth to God – spent out for man. . .   (Parables of the Cross)


Scripture:  Psalm 91:11; Hebrews 1:14

  • What do these verses tell us about the work of angels?
  • Who determines the actions of angels?
  • How are angels involved in our lives today?
  • What difference does it or should it make in my life?
  • Have you ever been touched by an angel?


Meditation on Scripture
What a wonderfully comforting thought:  that ministering spirits surround me at the ready to respond to God’s command concerning me!  It makes me wonder:  was that “close call” a crucial co-incidence or the result of direct angelic intervention?  The time a sizzle of saliva alerted us to our toddler son who was pulling a live wire to his mouth…  the time an out-of-control car skidded over slick ice, inexplicably stopping just before the on-coming train sped in front of my helpless husband… the nighttime walk through piles of freshly raked autumn leaves along the street curb, when I stopped abruptly – after which I saw the open man hole into which I would have taken my next step.

Many tell such stories which thrill the believer, repel the skeptic, but which make us wonder: “Could it have been an angel?”  Books are written to testify to such ministering spirits.  More importantly, the Book teaches us of this reassuring reality: “He will command His angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways…”


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