Strong and Courageous: The Daring Adventures of Lilias Trotter and Amy Carmichael


Author: Miriam Rockness
Illustrator: Tim Ladwig
Paperback: 68 pages
Publisher: Lilias Trotter Legacy, Inc.
Language: English
ISBN-10: B0C9S86PM2
ISBN-13: 979-8985124026
Dimensions: 8 x 0.16 x 10 inches


This is the story−−two stories, really−−about two girls who never met but had much in common. They were born in Britain, mid-1800s. LILY TROTTER in England; AMY CARMICHAEL in Ireland. Both were raised in grand houses with beautiful gardens and sibling companions. Charmed lives, some would say. Magical childhoods. As they grew up, both saw what life was like beyond their neighborhoods and tried to reach out to help poor young women struggling with hard jobs and little respect.

Neither Lily nor Amy was healthy, but each bravely left her homeland to share the love of Christ with needy people in far lands−−Lily in Algeria, Amy in India. To this day, a hundred years later, these two women are admired for their personal ministries, their creative art and writing, their leadership skills−−their strength and courage.

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