“. . . I am the Door of the sheep.”
John 10:7
“Now if you will follow on, there comes through Him by the light the revelation of another wonderful secret: the secret of access to God. . . In the words of Christ, we have the step of drawing near to God set forth to us by the symbol of a door – the door into a sheepfold. Now a sheepfold is a place of safety in the midst of danger. . . So in this new secret, God makes known to us that there is a place where even now in the wilderness of this world with evil prowling all around we may rest in safety as sheep within the fold. There is a place of nearness to God where the devil dares not venture that he may snatch the soul away; there is a salvation that is here and now.”
~ Lilias Trotter
(“The Way of the Sevenfold Secret”)
To read the entire chapter of “The Secret of Access,” click here and scroll to page 24.
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