The Light of Joy that unexpectedly brightened
the hearts of a Humble Band of Shepherds

Once for all, here and now, this light will break on you if you lift up your eyes and behold Jesus Christ with the spiritual vision of the soul.  (The Way of the Sevenfold Secret)


Scripture:  Luke 2:8-20

  • What were the shepherds doing when the angels came with their announcement?
  • What significance might this have for us?
  • Why do you think God chose to announce the birth to the shepherds?
  • What was the shepherds’ immediate response to the angels’ announcement?
  • What was their response to seeing Jesus?
  • How would you compare your “spiritual awakening” to the shepherds?
  • How has your encounter with Christ affected your life?
  • What should be our heart’s response to the Good news?


Meditation on Scripture
Up until now, everything has been in the future tense: anticipation; promises by the prophets; preparation by angels of the principle characters – Mary, Joseph, Zechariah.  Now the “future” becomes present tense in the form of an announcement: “Today, in the city of David, a Savior has been born to you.”

This week we explore the richness of God’s choice to announce His Coming to a “humble band of shepherds.”  He who called Himself both “shepherd” and “lamb” came to the unsuspecting shepherds who were, quite simply, doing their task – “watching their sheep by night.”  All of history is concentrated in this moment:  even to the very dating of time:  B.C. and A.D.

Our focus is likewise on the shepherds’ response to the good news the angels proclaimed: “go to Bethlehem; see for themselves.”  Their response to the Christ-child was to return home, glorifying and praising God.  What should be our heart’s response to the Good news? 


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