Shepherds’ Faith Response


“Let us go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened.”
Luke 2:15b

Christ never promised His disciples an easy life. The road He trod for us was a rough road: how then can it be a smooth one to those who follow Him? He makes appeal, not to our love of ease, and of the good things of the world, but on the contrary, He makes appeal to our courage, and to our faithfulness unto death.  (The Way of the Sevenfold Secret)


Scripture:  Luke 2:15-16

  • What was the shepherds’ immediate response to the news of the angels?
  • What do you think your response would have been?


Meditation on Scripture
The shepherds’ spontaneous response to the angels’ astonishing message was “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened.”  What if they had postponed the journey?  After all there were the sheep, you know – arrangements to be made… details to work out… But no, their faith response was immediate and trusting.

Their confidence, of course, was in their certainty of the message – “the Lord has told us.”  – and in the content of the message – “today a Savior has been born to you…”  Hence, there was no time to waste; everything else was of secondary importance.   

We are shepherds:  come and listen to our story
Of heaven’s choir and the King of Glory.
Come, run with us, and don’t waste time
We’re on our way to confirm a sign.

You may not believe us:  that’s your choice,
But we saw the angels, and we heard a voice.
“Do not be afraid,” the angel said,
For we were quaking and full of dread.

“The news I bring is great and for all men.
A savior, Christ the Lord, is born in Bethlehem.
“This will be a sign for you,” the angel said,
“The babe is wrapped and lying in a manger bed.”

 You may not believe us:  That’s your choice,
But the sky was filled with angels, and we heard their voice.
“Glory in the highest to God,” sang voice wild,
“And on earth, peace to men on whom the Lord has smiled.”

You may not believe:  that’s your choice,
But we saw the angels, and we heard their voice.

-Darcy Weir

 Bottom line, theirs was a faith response.  They had not yet seen with their own eyes.  Faith, however, was rewarded by sight.  And so it is even now. We must first respond to Christ by faith.  Then we shall know Him


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