Many Beautiful Things is a moving, masterfully constructed story of faith that inspires and heals. It’s a wonder I’d never heard Lilias Trotter’s historic, cross-generational story before now. Her life gives pause and reflection amidst the busyness.”
~ Gabe Lyons (Founder of Q/Author)

“Her zest and fervor for life…it takes your breath away. And from start to finish I was so moved by it. The whole world should see this movie.”
~ Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey)

Looking for something to watch while sheltering at home? Consider Many Beautiful Things: The Life and Vision of Lilias Trotter. Lilias’ story – as well as the beauty of her art as portrayed in this film – may be just what we all need to give us “inspiration and healing” during this time. Or, it may be the perfect venue to “pause and reflect” during these days of uncertainty.

We agree with Michelle Dockery that “the whole world should see this movie” and are thrilled to share with you that it is now available to watch for FREE online via Redeem TV (click link below). Watch alone, enjoy a family movie night, and/or encourage your friends or extended family to watch.

And if you’d like some fodder for follow-up discussion, here are links to our general discussion guide and/or our church discussion guide.

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