The Plan


God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.”
Genesis 1:31

The morning star is so perfectly marvellous these days. It hangs in the dawn like a great globe of silver fire. Of all the images of Christ it seems the one that is almost more than an image – it is so utterly like Him in its pure glory. And it sets one’s heart crying for the promise “I will give him the morning star” – the revelation of Himself to the watching ones. (January 1899)


Scripture:  Genesis 1:26-31 

  • In what way did God set man apart from all of Creation?
  • What instructions did God give man concerning His creation?
  • What was God’s assessment of what He made?


Meditation on Scripture
Genesis starts at the very beginning of the history of man:  the crown of God’s creation.  The Plan – God’s intention – was Paradise:  Man governing the created order; all relating in harmony with each other.  “It was very good.”  Perfection.

Today with our natural resources tainted, if not depleted, it is difficult to visualize planet Earth in its perfect, undefiled state.  It must have been breath-taking:  fish, birds, all the creatures of the earth, living in harmony with each other in an unspoiled Paradise. Although we have no conscious memory of such perfection, man carries in his heart even to this day, a longing, a homesickness for “Paradise” – a God-given sense of what it could have been – what it was – when man lived in accord with God’s intentions for him. 


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