“The death of the Cross” – death’s triumph hour – that was the point where God’s gate opened; and to that gate we come again and again, as our lives unfold, and through it pass even on earth to our joyful resurrection, to a life each time more abundant, for each time the dying is a deeper dying.  The Christian life is a process of deliverance out of one world into another and “death” as has been truly said,”is the only way out of any world in which we are.”
 ~ Lilias Trotter (Parables of the Cross)


Good Friday.  A day of darkness, deep sorrow, and despair.  Yet, for those of us who already know “the end of the story” and the joy that comes on Sunday, can we truly experience the pain of Christ’s sufferings and understand the hopelessness felt by those present at His crucifixion who couldn’t grasp that this wasn’t “the end of the story”?

Biographer Miriam Rockness wrestles with this reality in her Good Friday blog post, “Immune to Amazement”:  ​​​​​​Immune to Amazement | Lilias Trotter (wordpress.com)

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