To gather, preserve, and make accessible
the written and artistic work of Lilias Trotter

To present to a global audience
the thought, works, and life of Lilias Trotter

To use the enduring legacy of Lilias Trotter
to convey the light and love of Jesus to others

Two of the main purposes of Lilias Trotter Legacy are presented in our above mission statement: “To gather, preserve, and make accessible the written and artistic work of Lilias Trotter; To present to a global audience the thought, works, and life of Lilias Trotter.” Towards that end, we are pleased to announce three new publications, released this summer, two spanning several decades in the visioning – each a labor of love:

Parables of the Cross Study Guide

Parables of the Cross Study Guide
Parables of the Cross

Lilias Trotter’s devotional classic, Parables of the Cross, first published in 1895, was written during an extended break in England due to seriously compromised health.  Born of her own spiritual struggles and tempered with her depth of life experience, it reflects Trotter’s deep grounding in Scripture, and is animated by her growing sensibility to God speaking through His natural world.  Now, at last, we have a Study Guide to lead the reader through this deep and, at times, complex work. It divides the book into twelve manageable sections and includes related scripture, readings, prayers, and hymns which magnify the content. Questions are included to help unpack the meaning of each section as well as to help identify personal applications. It can be used for group study or for personal study and reflection.

Strong and Courageous:
The Daring Adventures of Lilias Trotter and Amy Carmichael

Strong and Courageous

This story about the lives and ministries of Lilias Trotter and Amy Carmichael was written by Miriam Rockness and illustrated by Tim Ladwig.  While created with a young audience in mind, Strong and Courageous is truly for a readership of all ages.  Though they never met, Lilias and Amy had much in common and connected through letters, supporting each other over the years by encouragement and prayer.  This book shares both of their stories and their ministries in Algeria and India, respectively, acknowledging their similarities and, ultimately, how God used their gifts in uniquely different ways.

The Way of the Sevenfold Secret

Sevenfold Secret

This book, first published in 1926, was written by Lilias Trotter in Arabic for the Sufi brotherhood. Considered by many to be her flagship publication, Sevenfold masterfully lays out the Christian gospel as posed by the apostle John as the seven I Ams of Christ. This beautiful edition includes page-borders, researched by Lilias at the Bodleian library, to resonate with the Eastern aesthetic, plus line-drawings introducing each chapter – first published by Trotter in an accordion-style foldout booklet – the precursor to this work. Although initially intended for her Sufi friends, Sevenfold “speaks to every person who aches for something more.” (Dr. Miriam Adeney)

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