Have you read these books about Lilias Trotter?  Illustrated by award-winning artist,Tim Ladwig, they are a must see as well as a must read.  Published in 2015 and 2018, respectively, they are now available to be viewed on Youtube (links below). Gather your children around you to listen to author Sally Oxley read aloud these delightful books. Or, you might just want to enjoy these visually-pleasing presentations by yourself.  A wonderful offering during this time of sheltering at home.




Watch Lily: The Girl Who Could See

Watch Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus: A Story and a Song


Lily: The Girl Who Could See, written by Sally Oxley with Miriam Rockness, is a perfect introduction to the story of Lilias Trotter. With a storyteller’s eye and ear, Sally Oxley traces the steps that led up to the turning point in Lilias Trotter’s life and the amazing adventure that followed as she turned her back on worldly fame and set out in faith for the mission work in North Africa. Readers young and old will be stirred by the enchanting pictures and lean, moving prose and will come away with a renewed vision of the world and their role in it. (click here to purchase)

“The beautiful illustrations are color paintings done by Tim Ladwig. They are truly a visual delight. This is a great picture book that will leave readers wanting to learn even more about the fascinating life of Lilias Trotter.”  ~ Amazon reader about Lily: The Girl Who Could See


Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus: A Story and a Song,  written by Miriam Rockness, is the story of two remarkable women -a musician and an artist – both able writers and how their talents merged over time and distance to create the inspiring hymn, “Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus.” Their lives and world travels come alive through the stunning illustrations. You’ll also find the full text of “Focussed”-the text by Lilias that inspired the song. (click here to purchase)

“Beautifully illustrated…. Very moving story. So happy I bought this book… Excellent! Well written and inspiring.”  ~ Amazon reader about Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus:  A Story and a Song




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